September 3, 2021

The University of New Jersey, where Rutgers University golf courses are located, has been plagued by severe weather and a high-profile student death in recent years.

The storm that swept through New Jersey last year killed at least 13 people and left thousands without power.

This year, the school announced it would temporarily close the courses for the first time since 1998, citing the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Rutgers President Robert Barchi and athletic director Pat Hobbs announced plans last week to reopen the courses.

Hobbs said at the time that the schools decision would allow students to return to the courses in the fall.

But he said that the university would not reopen for the 2019 season, citing concerns over water and the impact of the storm.

“Rutgers will not be able to host the 2019 NCAA men’s golf championship,” Hobbs wrote in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

“The Board of Governors has determined that it is necessary to suspend all events on the courses, including the 2019 New Jersey Invitational, until further notice.”

The decision comes after years of criticism from students, alumni and lawmakers for the facilities and other safety issues at the school.

The Associated Student Government group on Thursday released a list of concerns about the school’s facilities.

Among the concerns were a lack of running water and an elevated level of carbon monoxide in the campus’ air-conditioning system.

“We are disappointed that the Board of Regents, after years and years of being told that Rutgers has the safest campus in the country, has decided to lock students out of their facilities,” said student body president Jonathan Wiggs.

“As a student body, we feel like we are being robbed every day by the university.

We want to be able come back to our campus and not be locked out.

We do not feel safe.”

Hobbs also told students to expect to see students “carrying bags of groceries” in the halls and the building’s stairwells.

He also said the school would be open to taking in students and staff who may be displaced by the storm but not the students.

The school has not released the names of the students or staff affected.

Hobs has previously said the university was “looking at options” to reopen.

“There are no options right now,” Hobs said in April.

“I do not know when we will be able get back to the normal operations of the university.”

The university is also working to reopen a $7.6 million renovation of the school library.

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