September 10, 2021

The Deerfield Peninsula, California, is a popular destination for birders because of its wetlands, scenic beauty and abundant bird life.

The new bird species that has been discovered there has some similarities to the southern spotted owl, a subspecies of the species known as the southern pied-piper, and it may be one of the most interesting new species to emerge in recent years.

The researchers were able to collect the newly discovered species in the summer of 2015 and have described it in the April issue of Nature.

The bird, named Alondra, was found in a wetland at a site where the old reservoir used to be.

It’s an adult male that had been laying eggs and a clutch of two chicks.

The scientists say they are surprised that this species was able to survive in the wetlands.

“The birds are a little bit different from the spotted owl in that they live in marshes, where they get their food from plants and other things,” said Matthew Tully, an ornithologist at the University of California, Riverside, who led the study.

“This is the first time we’ve had a bird that lives in a dryland habitat.”

Scientists used a variety of techniques to gather and study the birds, including trapping, trapping and baiting, which helped them to better understand how the birds survive in wetland habitats.

The birds are quite active during the day and feed on aquatic plants and insects.

In addition, they have a good sense of smell, and they use their ears to track their surroundings.

“These birds are very intelligent and can follow their surroundings,” said Tully.

“They have a lot of potential to be found on other habitats, like marshes.”

Researchers were able get the birds to move in a similar way to the spotted owls, which can be found in marshed areas in southern California, including Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoes National Wildlife Refuge, as well as Lake Tahoma.

The two species are similar in their appearance and habitat and both are found in northern and central California.

“We know they’re more widespread and more abundant in the U.S. than the spotted and northern spotted owl,” Tully said.

“But we don’t know exactly what makes them different.”

Scientists are still exploring how these two species have adapted to the wetland, including what happens to the eggs of the chicks once they hatch.

Researchers also hope to determine whether these birds can survive on a diet of plants and water.

“I think the best way to characterize these birds is to see how well they adapt to different environments,” Tilly said.

The species’ presence in the Deerfield peninsula, though, is no surprise.

The area has been a hot spot for invasive species, including the brown-tailed deer, red-tailed hawks, hawks and falcons, among others.

Tully and colleagues believe that the presence of the spotted bird could be the result of the water being more suitable for the birds.

“It’s a very wet area, so it has water that is just perfect for these birds,” Tinson said.

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