September 27, 2021

In my mind, the best courses in the country are all on the Breckenberry Golf Course.

There are also a number of courses on the Sunshine Coast and a few on the Eastern Suburbs.

I love them all and have a number to recommend for anyone who is interested in living on the Gold Coast or visiting Sunshine Coast.

Here are the top five courses on Breckanridge, with a few extra favourites in the works.


Breckinridge Golf Course, Melbourne The Breckindridge Golf Club is the only course in Melbourne, and the only golf course on the Melbourne Gold Coast, which is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia.

It is also the only courses on Sunshine Coast, so you can play anywhere in the Sunshine, and it’s also one of those courses with an amazing view of the Gold and Sunshine Coast in the distance.

The golf course itself is a nice mix of green, rough and fairways.

It has three short holes, and a long one is a bit of a challenge, so be prepared to swing the ball around and take your time.

There is a decent range of courses in Melbourne.

It’s a nice way to get out to the beach and has a good distance from the main roads.

It was a bit tricky getting a shot on the first hole, and then you had to work the course back on to a par-4 and then hit the fairway for a 6-footer.

The second and third holes were pretty much par 3s, but the third hole was so tricky that it took me a couple of attempts to get my tee shot on it.

It wasn’t fair and I was on the short end of the ball.

But I got the first birdie and the top spot in the championship, which means I’m the new champion of Australia.


Sunshine Coast Golf Course , Port Stephens The Sunshine Coast is a popular place to live in Melbourne with a fantastic beach and the opportunity to play at the world famous Brecknridge Golf course.

You can play on the beach from the water in the morning and in the afternoon, or in the golf course, with the course being pretty popular with locals.

The course has three holes that are short, fairways and short, green, fairway and fairway, which gives you plenty of opportunities to tee off.

It also has a great view of both the Gold Country and Sunshine, so there is plenty of opportunity to watch the sunrise.


Melbourne Golf Course There are two golf courses on Melbourne’s Sunshine Coast: the Port Stephens Golf Course and the Melbourne Golf Club.

The Port Stephens golf course is one that is well known for its golf, and you can find great courses on both courses.

The Sunshine Coast has a long distance from Melbourne, so it’s a great distance to play on a Saturday afternoon.

The club has three fairways, and three green fairways in total.

The courses are short on the tees and there is a lot of difficulty on the greens.

The clubs are not the best, but they are the cheapest options.

The green is not long, and if you’re looking for a short course, there are plenty of courses that are.


Sunshine Golf Course & Sunshine Coast Course, Sydney The third and fourth holes of the Sunshine Golf Club are both short, and are both quite short.

You are looking for short greens, fairings and short fairways on both holes.

This is a great course for people who are looking to play shorter courses or are looking out for a challenge.

The first tee is a par 3 and the second is a 4-iron, and I found myself getting a fairway in both holes on the second hole.

On the third tee, I missed a putt, and my next shot hit the ball into the water on the other side.

I tried to hit a fair ball, but it was not possible.

The third hole is shorter, and on the next hole, I was able to hit my third putt and putt it in, but my first and second putts were off target.

I was not able to make a putts, and when I did make a shot, it went in the water and was knocked back.

The water was very shallow, and in between shots I was unable to hit the green in either hole.

The final hole was a 5-iron with a fairways of 15 yards, which I missed.

I am disappointed that I didn’t make a birdie on the third shot.

It would have been a good shot, but I was just not able, and that is the worst hole of the day.


Sunshine Beach Golf Course  The Sunshine Beach Course is one course that I enjoy a lot, especially with the weather in Melbourne and Melbourne’s beach area.

The beach area is also a great place to play and the water is pretty short

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