August 12, 2021

Posted November 14, 2019 12:04:50The sale of the Coronavilla Golf Course is on hold after the developer of the golf courses said it was seeking a buyer.

Key points:The $1.9 billion project is a jewel in the crown of the South Australian golf landscapeIt is being sold to the world-renowned Vineyard Golf Course in QueenslandThe sale has sparked outrage across the state and beyondThe Coronavias development is a major attraction for many residents of South Australia, and has been described as the country’s finest golf course.

But the Coroner’s Court on Friday dismissed the developer’s claims of a sale, which it has been trying to force through since the end of 2019.

It said the developer had not proved that it had obtained a valid contract to sell the golf development to the Vineyard, and had not shown that the agreement was binding on it.

“It was not clear to the court that the sale of Coronavalas Golf was the result of a negotiation with the Vineyards,” the court said.

“The court has not accepted that a sale was effected.”

The court ruled that it would be inappropriate to reopen the matter until the Coronet was sold.

The decision was welcomed by the South Australia Government, the state’s tourism and recreation board and Vineyard founder and CEO Robert Williams.

“We’re very proud of what Coronas Golf has achieved over the last three years,” he said.

“It’s a major tourist attraction in the South and a great way to get people out to the golfing community.”

This was a really important moment in South Australia’s tourism history, and we’ll be very pleased to see it go ahead.

“What we’ve seen in the last two years is a tremendous growth in tourism and we’re very grateful to the developers and the investors who’ve put so much money into this project.”

The golf course is a landmark in the state of South Australians and has a number of attractions including a waterpark, a restaurant, shops and a swimming pool.

The sale is expected to be completed in 2021.

The developer of Coronet Golf said it planned to pursue other options to sell.

He said the Coronelas Golf course would be a significant asset to the state.

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