August 19, 2021

Golf is one of the most popular hobbies, especially among young people in India, but it’s also one of those things that’s become so popular that it’s now the most common sport.

The World Golf Association (WGA) released a new ranking this week, ranking every golf course in the world.

The results are not as shocking as they might sound, because they don’t have a lot of data to go off of.

They’re based on the views of more than a million participants.

There’s no data on the attitudes of golfers in India.

But they did ask participants to rate their favourite golf courses on a scale of 1 to 10.

Some were rated a 2, others a 3.

The top three were all in the US, while the rest were in Japan, the UK and Australia.

One of the top four was the course in Scotland, which is often referred to as the Scottish Tiger.

Golf courses can be a good source of inspiration, but the real star is the Scottish golfers.

It’s the place where the best players are born, and it’s the home of golf’s greatest legends, including Sir John Smith and Billy Hogan.

The course in Scotts Green, in Perthshire, was named in honour of Sir John, who died in 2010.

The course is not a traditional golf course, but rather a miniature version of the famous 1805 London course, which features three tees, and has a par-4 green, a green with three teed holes and a long par-5.

One of the things that makes Scotts green stand out is that it features one of golfs most famous holes, the par-6 Tiger.

This is one the most famous shots in golf, the last of which is a par 5, with a caddie.

Sir John, the man who played this shot in the 1805 tournament, also used the par 5 at Scotts as a practice hole.

But the hole is a great example of the sort of shots that can go wrong when you play on a small course like Scotts, which has a big tee and long greens.

There are many other famous holes on Scotts.

Among them is the 1857 par 5 by Billie Holiday.

It has a 3-foot green, but has a 6-foot par-3 hole.

At the top of the rankings, golfers rated the par 3 in Scotton as the best, but they weren’t the best at making the shot.

The hole is one that can lead to a bogey-free round, but many players will have difficulty with it because of the long, sharp green.

Another famous hole is the 1681 par 5 hole in South Bend, Indiana.

This one features a par 3, but that is a very hard hole to hit.

Finally, the hole at South Bend is one I would not recommend for a beginner golfer.

The par-2 hole is not even close to being the best hole on the course, because the hole has a long, straight green.

You can’t get it to miss even with a lot practice.

But golfers are also very good at finding holes to putt in, so the hole isn’t too bad for a novice player.

It’s easy to find a hole that is on the top 10 for a particular sport.

And that’s exactly what golfers do, with many courses ranked at or near the top.

The golf courses in the top 50 for the sport of golf are the likes of Pebble Beach Golf Club, The Golf Club of St. Andrews, The Country Club of Scotland and The Caddyshack Club.

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