August 9, 2021

Tiger Woods has been crowned the most valuable player in the world for the third consecutive year, taking home the $5.6bn (£4.7bn) prize in the $2,000,000 US Open tournament.

Woods won the Open Championship, where he defeated Rory McIlroy for his fourth major title, on Saturday.

The 32-year-old Woods was also awarded a $5m prize for his performance in the US Open, with the event now being referred to as the ‘Paddy Power US Open’ after it was sold by the event’s promoters in a deal last year.

Woodss has become the latest high-profile athlete to take home a record-breaking prize.

After the World Cup final, golfing legend Tiger Woods celebrates after defeating Rory McIllroy for the second time at the Paddy Power PGA Championship, Sunday, March 8, 2018 in Atlanta.

The 32year-olds winning streak is the longest in PGA history.

Woods said after winning the tournament that the USOC “put me over the top” after the US$1.5bn (£1.1bn) sale of the event to a group of investors.

“It feels like the US is a little more on the golfing front than we have been for a while,” Woods said.

“It’s not like we were the last major to come out of that last tournament and we were on a roll.”

The US Open became a PGA Tour event in 2018 after being sold by PGA Promotions, and was previously held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New York.

Its return to New York was announced in January 2019, and Woods said the venue was “pretty exciting”.

“I’m excited for this year because it’s finally a PGC event,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to playing there in the summer, it’s going to be a pretty cool venue.”

He added that he and McIlrie had already been “going back and forth” in golf, with Woods having played in four tournaments there.

Woodson’s victory comes just days after he claimed his fifth US Open title in six starts.

He will now face compatriot, and former world number one, Rory McElroy at The Links Golf Club in New York, a venue that Woods had previously said he would play in at some point.

McIlroy, who won his fifth major title on Sunday, said: “He’s a great guy and he’s a fantastic competitor.

He’s a really good guy.”

“He’s always a pleasure to play with, and the guys are all fantastic.”

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