August 2, 2021

Reviewed by: Emily S. on 09/29/2018 06:26:29 Readiness, readiness, readiness – The Audubbens golf course in San Francisco is a prime example of a great golf course and is an excellent example of how you can build your own great golf.

I was lucky enough to be able to take some time with the course for the first time this year and it is something that I would recommend to anyone who is considering purchasing a property in San Franciscos urban core.

The course is an interesting combination of fairways, greens and greenside.

I enjoyed the view and the layout of the course made it easy to understand what to expect when you step on the course.

As I was getting ready to get back into the swing of things, I noticed that there were some signs on the fence that said “Barker’s”.

It was a great sign to know that it was safe to walk onto the course because there are signs warning that it is not safe to go in there.

When I took my first tee shot, I was expecting to see a few other golfers teeing off on the first fairway.

There were just a handful of people teeing on the second fairway but I was happy to see that there was a very few people teening on the greens.

I made two birdies on the final fairway and two birdie putts on the last greenside tee.

There was a lot of action in the greenside area.

I would have been a bit surprised if I didn’t make a birdie on the back nine on the par 4 and the putt was a little low.

There is an open section of greenside on the left side of the golf course that leads to the Par 4.

It is the perfect setting for birdie putting.

I did not have any trouble putting the birdie but my tee shot was low and my chip was way up in the air.

I feel like I could have done better at this area and I was able to make a good birdie.

I also made a few birdies when I made the par 5 and then a nice chip on the eagle putt on the next hole.

The birdie was good and I put a little extra distance on the birdies but I wasn’t happy with the accuracy I had.

The par 5 was a good tee shot but I did get a little bit of wind at the back end of the par-5 hole.

I hit a lot in the wind so I thought that I might have hit a few more greens in the back six.

The chip came down on my green on the sixth hole.

When the par five was over, I made another birdie and made it to par on the 7th hole.

Overall, the course was fun and enjoyable and it was a nice change of pace from my regular round of golf.

It was fun to be out on the fairways again, get my shot, and then hit a birdies putt.

I think I would go back and play on the courses next two weeks.

Overall the course is a good one and I think that there is a lot to like about it.

The greenside and par-4 fairway are great.

I liked the par 8 and par 8 fairway, but the par 6 fairway was the most fun to play on.

The tees and greens are all pretty much where you want to be.

I thought it was pretty easy to get my shots, especially with the fairway being a little higher on the hill than my tee shots.

It didn’t take long for me to make good birdies with the par 3 and par 4 fairways.

I put my chips up in a fairway that was close to the par 2.

I felt like I had a little more confidence going into this one than my first two rounds of play.

I will definitely be coming back to play this course when the weather gets warmer and when I have more time to spend there.

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