August 5, 2021

By now, we’ve all heard the news: “Breaking Blacklist” is back for a second season, and while the first season had a strong start, the show is struggling to catch up to the showrunner, Alex Kurtzman.

And now, the first episode of the second season is available on Netflix.

The episode titled “Hands to the Floor” opens with a glimpse at the cast’s new digs in New York City, with Seth Rogen, Robert Buckley, and Amy Poehler all in attendance.

The writers’ room is represented by Seth and Amy, as well as their longtime assistant, Michelle Lutz.

It’s not clear if these people are on the show, but we’re sure there’s a reason for the absence.

It’s not too surprising that the writers’ rooms are the first people to be seen in the first few minutes of the show.

The first episode opens with Seth, Robert, and Michelle’s mother, Gloria (played by Amy Poehl, of The Simpsons fame), saying goodbye to her son and introducing herself.

The trio then walks out of the office, but not before they run into the cast and crew.

It would be a mistake to assume the writers are just sitting in their office in their own home, as they are seen in a very short scene with Seth and Robert in the show’s opening credits sequence.

After the credits, we see Seth and the rest of the writers meeting up in the writers room.

The scenes were shot in a few locations, including the Writers’ Room, where the cast members were filmed.

Seth and Michelle are seen at the top of a ladder on the fourth floor of the Writers Guild of America’s offices.

It was shot in the Writers Room, which was originally used as a set for “The Wire,” a drama series that starred Don Draper and his girlfriend, Elizabeth Taylor.

The building is used as the headquarters of the cast of “Breaking White List.”

The writers are also seen working on a script for a future episode, presumably for the third season of the series.

After leaving the writers rooms, we get a glimpse of Seth and his team’s digs, with them being seen walking around their office and taking pictures.

The scene opens with them discussing the new digs, and they’re also seen in one of the set photos.

The set was also used for the premiere of the first “Breaking” episode, in which we saw the Blacklist crew.

In the episode, we saw a trailer for the next season, but the cast was never seen in it.

It also appears the writers will not be working on the third “Breaking.”

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