August 30, 2021

The word “dayton” is used as the plural form of “city,” meaning “one place.”

This is the plural of the word “city” itself.

The city of Dayton, Ohio, is located just outside of the state of Ohio.

The first day of the course at the Ohio State University’s Ohio Center is the third day of an international course hosted by the university.

In addition to the English course, the team will teach Japanese and English in the summer.

Dayton’s location in the city center, close to major shopping and attractions, allows students to spend more time with the school.

“It is not like you’re in a city and then you go to the airport and you’re at your hotel and you want to go back,” said Nick Bostrom, a computer science major.

“We want people to be able to feel that the school is there for them, that they’re a part of it and that they can come back for their summer.

It’s kind of the way the world works, which is we’re in an international place, but it’s also a very traditional school.

We’re really happy with the amount of students that have been able to come in for the first day,” said Chris Tresco, the assistant director of the Ohio Center.

Tresco said the students have been doing great and are excited about their experiences.

“I feel like the students are really excited about it.

They’re not thinking about anything but learning English, so they are really focused on learning,” he said.

Students can also find a lesson in Japanese.

Students will be learning Japanese by watching videos, using a translation app and using their phones.

“We’ve also done a little Japanese on the computer, so we have some Japanese-English translations that are very helpful,” said Treso.

The students have also found the English teacher helpful in learning how to speak the language.

“She’s great, really kind, but she has a way of working that can be really frustrating sometimes,” said freshman Jake Williams.

“So she’s really helpful, but we also have to be really good learners of English to learn Japanese, too.”

Bostrom said that while they do not yet know how long the program will last, it will likely be two years.

The Ohio Center says that students will be able take the English language, Japanese language and a math course.

The team is also looking to expand the class to a course in Spanish.

The course is expected to cost $2,000.

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