August 26, 2021

Posted February 15, 2018 08:33:14A couple looking to get into the game of golf have found a way to do it for less – without taking on the risk of having to put down money to build it.

Golf course owners are offering to buy the land that’s behind their courses, for a fee.

The new golf land is expected to be ready for the next season in 2020, and the buyer will then pay for the course.

There are a number of advantages to the move, the most important being the land will be owned by the same group of owners that owns the courses.

But there are some downsides to the process, including the potential for the land to get sold for more than its value.

Golfers are not required to sell the land.

The land can be bought from an owner, but not a purchaser.

In the case of a sale, the land is likely to be transferred to the next owner in line, who would have to get a deed.

What does a buyer have to do?

A buyer would have several options to decide if it is worth buying a golf course, according to the Association of Independent Landowners.

Firstly, it would need to find out if there are enough courses in the area.

Secondly, the buyer would need a lease agreement with a current owner.

Thirdly, it could have a contract with a partner, or it could try to buy an existing golf course.

In the end, it might be more prudent to seek advice from a golf pro.

The association has been campaigning for a new tax on golf courses to help fund the sport.

It wants to see a levy on all new golf courses.

The current levy is $40 per person, with no cap.

That has raised concerns from golf industry stakeholders, including many golf courses that would be affected by a new levy.

And while the golf industry would be well-positioned to benefit from a new fee, it’s unclear how the levy would be enforced.

“If there is a change in the land use laws, then it’s not clear how the revenue would be applied,” said Andrew Legg, director of golf at the Association.

How much would it cost?

It’s unlikely the new tax will hit the average person too hard.

Some golf courses in NSW are already paying a levy.

But the amount would depend on the size of the area and the size and location of the property.

If it’s a large golf course that has a high turnover, then you might not see any increase.

However, in a less-used area, it will likely be more expensive to buy land than a property in a rural area.

If the new levy is to be paid for by the government, then a tax rate would need the support of at least 70 per cent of the members of the Legislative Assembly, as well as 50 per cent in the Northern Territory.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the median income in the NT is $52,500.

The new levy will also need to be passed through to the local government and the local councils in the areas affected.

What do you think?

Do you think the new golf tax will help the game?

Should it be a tax on all golf courses?

Do the changes mean that a new land use law is inevitable?

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NRLGF.

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