August 20, 2021

The average number of holes in a golf course has tripled since 2000, according to a new study.

The study of golf courses by The Golf Channel, which uses data from golf courses nationwide, found that there are more than 1,600 golf courses in America today, but only a few of them have ever been rated by the Better Business Bureau.

“It’s a massive improvement,” said Joe Rieker, president and CEO of The Golf Clubs Council, an industry trade group.

The group found that the average number for a golf hole has doubled from a decade ago.

The average hole length has gone up from 4,500 feet (1,800 meters) to 6,600 feet (2,300 meters) and the average round-trip cost for a hole has gone from $9.80 to $16.50, with some courses seeing a 40 percent increase in the cost.

“This is an extremely positive sign,” Riekers said.

“We are seeing an increase in demand.”

The group also found that golf courses with a total of 20,000 to 25,000 people are more affordable than courses with less than 20,001 people.

The average round trip price for a course with 20,0001 to 25.01,000 square feet of ground area (as measured by The Clubhouse Guide) is $18.25.

This figure includes the cost of the water and a few other costs that are usually included in round-trips, Riegers said.

While there are some golf courses that can cost thousands of dollars per hole, Rieskers said they are more common in the Midwest.

“There are very few golf courses on the West Coast,” Riesker said.

“The best place to play is in the South.

In the South, golf is a family activity, and a lot of people live in the same neighborhood.”

While golf courses are now cheaper to play than a decade back, Rides said many courses still struggle to find qualified players.

The association is working with the industry to increase the number of qualified golf courses to 10,000 in 2019.

The Golf Club Sustainability Institute is working to make golf more affordable and to help the community by helping to identify areas where golf courses can be made more accessible, Rikeker said, noting that more than 70 percent of courses have no parking and that more needs to be done to make them more accessible.

The golf industry is facing increasing competition from other sports, such as tennis, soccer and rugby.

Riekers hopes that more people will choose to play golf, rather than watching television.

“Golf is a fun sport, and people want to do it,” he said.

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