July 30, 2021

The Applewood Woods Golf Course, a privately owned golf course located in Appleton, Wisconsin, is the number one golf course for the last three years in the country.

The golf course is also the number 1 private course in Wisconsin.

The course is located on a farm that is part of the Green Bay Greenbelt.

According to the 2016 Golf Digest Golf Digest ranked Applewood as one of the top 50 best golf courses in America.

The applewood golf courses average handicap of 64 is a lot higher than the average handicaps of the other five best golf properties in the state of Wisconsin.

In 2016, the course ranked #2 in the United States for the most handicaps.

Applewood is one of only four courses in the world to score over 3,000 handicaps and one of two golf courses to achieve that feat.

The Appleton golf course has a total of 18,000 courses, a higher handicap than all but one of its peers.

This is because of the proximity to Wisconsin’s beautiful lakes and rivers.

The Green Bay Golf Club is the only other Wisconsin golf course to score above 3,100 handicaps, and it was also the highest handicap.

Appleton is the most exclusive golf course at the golf course.

It is a private course owned by a large private club, the Appleton Woods Golf Club.

The only other private course that is as exclusive is the PGA Greenbelt course.

The PGA Golf course is owned by the same club that owns the Applewood golf club.

The most exclusive Appleton Golf Club course is the Apple Woods Golf course, which is located at 16,000 acres and has a handicap average of 3,250.

The average handicapping of the Apple Wood Golf Course was 3,400.

The Golf Digest listed the best courses in Wisconsin in their Top 50 list in 2017, and they have two courses in their top 50.

One is a privately-owned golf course owned and operated by the Green Belt, and the other is owned and managed by the Appletons.

The two courses are located in the northern part of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They are just a short drive from each other.

The first Appleton course was opened in 1911 and is currently owned by John Appleton.

The second Appleton property was opened by Henry Ford in 1885.

Henry Ford is one the most famous golfers of all time and he is considered the father of modern golf.

He was one of four American Presidents who played golf during his presidency.

Henry was a huge golfer and had a tremendous impact on the world of golf.

Henry is remembered for his famous and historic win in the 1939 American Open at Pebble Beach.

The last time the Appletons won the championship was the 1980 American Open.

The company also owns the Wisconsin-based golf course Appleton Country Club, and in 2017 it surpassed the number two private golf course on the list.

The Macdonald Golf Club at Appleton has a score of 7,500, which makes it the second-highest handicap on the 2017 list.

Macdonald was the first private course to win the American Open in 1908.

In 1911, the Macdonald golf course was one the first privately owned courses in North America.

In 1913, the golfers played at Macdonald’s Club at Milwaukee.

In 1928, Macdonald opened the Macdonagh Golf Course at the MacDonald golf course site.

In 1935, the site of the MacDonagh Golf Club was used as a training ground for the U.S. Army.

In 1940, the land was sold to the United Fruit Company for $25,000 and the golf club was renamed the MacDougall Golf Club in 1943.

In 1946, the property was bought by the MacDougall family and in 1977 it was sold for $40 million to Donald MacDougal.

In 2018, the remaining MacDonal golf course and land was transferred to the City of Appleton for the new site of Applewood Country Club.

It has since been used by the city to promote its public transportation system.

The majority of the courses on the Top 50 lists are privately owned.

The four most expensive courses are: MacDoughall Golf Course in Green Bay ($9,900), MacDougalls Country Club at Green Bay $9,600, Applewood Club in Applewood ($9/day), and the PPG Greenbelt Golf Course ($5,100).

The most affordable golf courses are owned by private clubs: PPG Golf Course $4,200, MacDougalla Golf Course & Golf Course and MacDougail Golf Club $4 and MacDucall Golf, $3.

The six most affordable courses are the MacDouches and MacDonagalls: MacDouch golf course $3,600 MacDowals golf course & golf course of Green Lake $3 MacDouche golf course by MacDougelly Golf Course $$3 MacDonail Golf Course with

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