July 9, 2021

Golf courses are generally good for their owners, according to a survey of more than 100 golf courses by the Institute of Tourist Management (ITM) and the Golf Association of New Zealand.

However, some of the best-performing courses in 2018 were in Auckland and Wellington, which have been hit by the biggest storm to hit the country in a decade.

The institute said the average golfer spent $10,000 on their courses last year, with $1,000 going towards upkeep, and the average fee for a private tour was $200.

The majority of the courses in Auckland were in good condition.

The ITM survey was carried out between January and April 2018.

It said most golf courses in the region were in “very good” condition.

It was also the year when the average number of holes hit increased to the highest level in a year.

The average hole-count increased to 4,837, the ITM said.

“We found that the average hole is about the same as it was in 2017, and that it was not too difficult to get to the next hole.

There was a bit of an increase in the average round time from 18 to 20 hours,” ITM’s Associate Director of Golf Marketing and Business Development Matt Halsey said.

“There were more holes, and more players, in the year, but we found that it still had a pretty low average score.”

The ITM surveyed more than 500 courses around New Zealand to find out which courses were the best and worst performing for 2018.

It found that, for the first time in more than a decade, the average club owner was happy with the condition of their golf course.

The survey also found that golfers were spending more on their golf courses than in the past.

Only about 20 per cent of respondents said their club was in “good” condition, with more than half of them saying they spent $1 million or more on renovations to their club.

ITM also said it had found that more than 20 per,cent of golfers in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton were considering purchasing a golf course in the next five years.

ITMA CEO Andrew Dickson said the ITMA survey showed that golf courses were in the top shape they had ever seen.

“It’s been a long time coming.

This is the first survey we’ve done of this type, and it’s really been a huge step forward,” Mr Dickson told Stuff.

The survey also showed that while many golf courses had been affected by the recent cyclone, there was a majority of courses in Wellington and Auckland that were in very good condition, and those in Auckland had a higher number of golf courses with a “good to excellent” score.

Mr Dinson said the golf industry was facing a challenging time, with the downturn in the market and the downturns in the golf calendar in 2018.

“The outlook for the golfing calendar is still a little bit uncertain, but for the 2018/19 season it will be very hard to find golf courses that are in good shape.

There are so many factors that need to go right for the sport to get back on track.

You have to look at the overall picture and say how the sport can take the next few years.”

He said there was still a lot of work to be done to address the many challenges golfers face.

“As a golf club owner, it is important you make sure you understand the importance of your business and your club.

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If you are still buying your golf courses, you need to take the time to do your due diligence.”

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