July 29, 2021

Harvard University’s online college course emory has slammed the Trump campaign’s latest attack on the prestigious university’s course, saying the candidate is trying to distract from the scandal that could engulf him.

Emory professor of law and public policy, William H. Darity, called the attacks “unhelpful.”

“The real story here is Trump is using Harvard as a distraction from his own scandal,” Darity told ABC News.

Darity said Harvard is “the most selective and prestigious university in the world” and that the Trump candidacy is “completely baseless.”

Darity added that the campaign’s tactics will make the university look “lackluster” and will not improve its reputation as a liberal arts university.

“This campaign is clearly trying to get Harvard to look like a lackey of Trump,” he said.

Trump campaign attacks Harvard, says it’s fake and biased article In a tweet, the Trump administration accused the school of having “false, biased and biased data” on its course that shows that the course is more selective than other online courses.

Emory said it would take the case to the Supreme Court if it is not successful.

The president is asking the courts to invalidate Harvard’s ’emory’ online college courses.

The Supreme Court could take up the case in the coming months.

Harvard, however, is not the only university with a Trump connection.

In addition to the campaign, Trump has taken issue with the school’s liberal-arts course, The Art of the Deal.

The school’s online course is a four-week course that is aimed at helping people get ahead by focusing on economics, finance and entrepreneurship.

It is offered by Emory law professor Lawrence Lessig, and he wrote a letter to the Trump Administration last month asking the court to “immediately declare Harvard’s The Art Of The Deal as a false, biased, and biased study.”

Emory’s letter went on to say that Lessig is an “independent scholar, a former University of Chicago professor and an expert on the law of political behavior.”

Lessig wrote that the courses aim to be “profitable for all of Emory’s faculty, students, and alumni” and “has been so successful that it has become a source of considerable prestige and respect among Emory students and faculty.”

Emery’s response to Trump was posted online, and it read in part:We are deeply disappointed by the false and biased claims made by the Trump Presidential Transition Team.

They are baseless and misleading and undermine the credibility of Emories scholarly mission.

Emery is committed to its mission of helping students develop skills and skillsets in economics, politics, business, and public administration and to creating a dynamic, collaborative and inclusive community.

Emory University is a leader in research, education, and practice that prepares students to lead in the global economy.

The Art is a comprehensive program that teaches students to understand how to make informed decisions, solve problems, and create the opportunities for the success of others.

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