July 15, 2021

By JENNIFER BLEVINS, APA WriterFor years, Ohio has struggled with a $200 million shortfall in state and local tax revenue due to the opioid epidemic.

Now, thanks to the Trump administration, the state is poised to make money from golf courses as well.

The state Department of Revenue announced Tuesday that it would issue a $400,000 tax credit to golf courses that sell to customers who use the drugs for pain relief or to manage chronic pain.

The incentives will be available for courses in the six counties where opioid overdose deaths have spiked in recent months, including Cleveland, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo.

The states total revenue from golf was $3.9 billion in 2017.

But the tax credit applies to only the tax revenue that comes from the sale of the course.

It doesn’t apply to revenue from other uses, such as rentals, rentals and services, said Doreen Johnson, a spokeswoman for the department.

The tax credit is not part of a broader plan to cut state and federal taxes, which Trump and Republicans in Congress have proposed, and which they say will help fund the nation’s opioid crisis.

Johnson said the tax credits would be available to golf clubs regardless of whether they sell golf.

The Trump administration said the incentives would help offset costs related to the state’s Medicaid program, which provides health insurance for low-income residents.

Trump said he would also work to lower rates for other forms of income, including interest and dividends.

The president’s proposal calls for a 20% reduction in the standard deduction and a cut in the estate tax rate.

A Trump administration report in January said Ohio was the most expensive state to live in in the nation for people who rely on Medicaid.

The report said Ohio’s per capita Medicaid spending is roughly $9,600.

The plan would provide $5 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy and reduce the corporate tax rate to 20%.

The state is also proposing a $1 billion cut to the property tax rate that would go to offset the impact of the tax break, Johnson said.

The state expects to spend more than $2.3 billion this year on recreation and other non-profit recreation projects, including $400 million to add more golf courses.

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