June 20, 2021

Golf courses across the country are being touted as the future of American job creation.

With job creation forecasted to reach a record level, many of them have opened their doors to potential workers.

Here are five key jobs with which golf courses should look to fill the gap.


Manager of an office building, or similar office: As the industry has grown, so too has the number of managers in office buildings.

In the last decade, the number has more than tripled, from about 100,000 to more than 500,000.

But the number is still small compared to other jobs that require high-level management skills, such as those of the director of a large corporation.

Many of the more recent hires at these offices are temporary.

“When you have more managers in an office than you have people, it’s really important to look for those positions that allow you to really grow your staff,” said Michael Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the National Association of Boards of Advisors.

He’s also the founder of CareerBuilder, a job board that helps employers hire and retain talent.

He believes the key to success for managers is “having a broad experience and a deep understanding of the company and its operations.”

He recommends looking for positions that offer “a good opportunity for leadership.”


Manager or chief operating officer: These roles typically involve overseeing the operations of a company, but they also require leadership.

For example, at the University of Southern California, a new executive vice president for academic affairs oversees all of the university’s student-athletes, and the director oversees all the athletic department activities.

Some job titles for such positions require a master’s degree, and a doctorate in management.

Some also require a bachelor’s degree or a master of business administration.

In addition to these roles, they also have other important responsibilities such as maintaining campus safety, operating and maintaining facilities, and managing the university in terms of academic affairs.

Johnson said the typical position involves overseeing the academic affairs and athletics departments.


Senior financial adviser: This position typically involves managing a company’s financial planning and budgeting, but it also has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Many job titles require a finance degree, but Johnson said that’s not always the case.

“I’m an expert on the financial side of things, and you need a solid background in financial management,” he said.

“That’s a very important skill to have.”

The position typically requires some financial experience, such in financial analysis and financial forecasting.


Corporate secretary: A secretary typically has a responsibility for overseeing the management of a small business, but the company’s finances also play a significant role in the company.

Johnson’s advice for those with the job: “A good secretary will be able to understand a business, understand the relationships within the business and understand how the business is structured and operated,” he explained.

“You’ll need to have a good understanding of business operations and how to deal with customers, which is really important for these jobs.”

He also suggests looking for a position that “has an established financial system in place and a business strategy.”


Corporate auditor: This job typically involves a firm’s accounting, financial and legal compliance, as well as the preparation of reports to the public.

The job can also be related to the accounting department, which Johnson says “has a great interest in audit and audit related to auditing the public.”

Johnson recommends looking at a position where you have experience in this area.

For instance, a “financial auditor can have a wide knowledge of the accounting field,” he added.

“A financial auditor can also have a financial background, but a financial auditor does not necessarily have to be a financial expert.”

He advises looking for jobs that can allow you “to build a reputation for being an auditor that is well respected.”

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