June 19, 2021

The first online course and online exams in India have been launched by the world’s biggest online university, Coursera, and its Indian partner Udacity.

The Courseran and Udacity courses are the first to be offered by the US-based global provider, which said in a statement on Wednesday that it would launch the courses in early March in partnership with the government.

The online courses will be open for people from across the world, as well as those from countries that have not yet implemented the online exam and certification schemes.

“The first online courses in India are designed for people who want to learn from the ground up.

They are focused on the content, the content will be very different from the content that’s in the standard textbook.

The content is going to be more rigorous and will be a challenge to a lot of people,” said Jaspreet Bhatia, the company’s founder and CEO.”

I think it’s really going to make the world of education more relevant,” he added.

Coursera is offering the first two courses, Courses in Digital Journalism and Design, which are open to anyone.

Both are part of the course on Digital Humanities and will teach students how to work with digital media and design, and how to create and use digital tools.

The courses will cost $20, which is cheaper than most online courses.

“I think Courseras courses are going to really drive a lot more interest in learning, and hopefully it’s going to create a lot, a lot stronger demand,” said Rajeev Bhagwati, a professor of digital humanities at MIT.

“Courseras course is the most advanced course on Udacity, but there are a lot other courses that are also available on Udacious,” he said.

“But the course is going in a more open direction, it’s open to everyone, the course will be much easier for people to learn.”

The first course on digital humanities, Courteams in Digital Media and Design (CMDD), was launched in December 2016 by Udacity and Courserapedia, which were also co-founders of Udacity itself.

“This is a new, different kind of learning environment that is going online, a place where students will get to learn how to use a new technology, interact with people, make use of new tools, learn how a brand or a company develops, how to communicate in a new way, interact socially,” said Courseratys co-founder and CEO, Alex Dabrowski.

The course on social networks, Coursers Social Media Lab, was launched last year by Courseral and Cours.

“We are really excited to be joining forces with Courserab, the world-leading social network and online education provider,” said the company.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of online courses being offered across the globe, from less than 1,000 in 2016 to over 3,000 courses in 2017, and the growth of Udemy and Coursses is really going through the roof,” said Bhati.

The Indian government has already launched a pilot project with the company, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s flagship education platform, where students and teachers will be able to get their hands on the courses from September.

The government plans to extend the pilot to other countries, too, but for now, the online courses are only available in India.

“As of now, it is only available for Indians,” said Venkatesh Prakash, the head of Courserak, a company that works with the Indian government to deliver online courses across the country.

The first Courserans courses will take place in Bengaluru, Bengaluru East, and Bengaluru West, as the two districts are home to major universities, including Delhi University and Indian Institute of Technology.

“If we can deliver it in other districts, we will be sure to make a big difference in the country,” said Dabwski.

The first Coursers courses will also be available in other cities across India, as it will be possible to learn the courses offline, in an “Internet of Things” world.

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